20 Mar

Hi there, just a quick introduction!

I’ve been interested in alternative health and general healthy living for a number of years now. After spending countless hours (months/years even!) researching alternative therapies and dietary supplements I thought it would be a good time to set up this blog to consolidate the knowledge I have gained and share with the world my findings and experiences.

I can’t recall the number of conversations i’ve had with friends, telling them about the importance of certain vitamins, products I have used to fight certain conditions and just general “health knowledge” I have learned. With the birth of my son just over a year ago, my thirst for this knowledge has only gotten stronger. I’m determined that he will grow up understanding about life, nature, nurture and that he can be as free from the shackles of pharmaceutical companies as can be. There are too many drugs handed out far too readily for my liking, not even mentioning the side-effects associated with many of them. We should learn from the knowledge our predecessors had and realise that nature provides us with all the materials we need to overcome illness and ensure we can lead healthy and happy lives.

I will only be reviewing and blogging about products that I myself use or have tried, so don’t get the impression that i’m here for the hard sell. I will always be truthful and brutally honest about my experiences.

Hopefully you will find some useful information here in time.

Stay well!

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